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Testimonial from MASAKI Art of Hair workshop attendees

MASAKI Art of Hair hands-on Hair education workshop in Beverly Hill is best advanced education class but why? Here are some testimonials from who attended workshop before.


Angela White

Salon owner

This was the best Academy I have ever attended! It was filled with mind blowing techniques and such talented artists that I have built lasting relationships with! Believe me you won't want to miss out on the next one!!!! You will for sure leave feeling full filled and inspired! Can't wait to see you there!!


Jennifer F Salon Owner

Collaborating with the most amazing talent in the industry to inovate and create the next generation of hair design. This academy will inspire you, support, and push you beyond your individual potential. Being with artists that never stop sharing, learning, and creating is very refreshing. THIS IS NOT A CLASS THIS IS AN EXPERIENCE YOU WILL NEVER FORGET! I cant wait to see all of you back in Beverly Hills!!!


Jen C Salon Owner

Being able to just get in the zone, create and expand your's such a freeing space to be in. EDUCATION!!! Loved every minute of my experience. From walking down the center of Beverly Hills to Hiroshi's Salon to the passion and inspiration of the others who were also attending. I made new friends and enjoyed all the sharing. I learned so many techniques that I use that I have made my work more personalized. My clients don't mind paying higher prices for excellence. This class changed my life. Every time I go to a class, it's takes me to the next level. Thank you Masaki Inoue and Taka Shoichi Mogi and Hiroshi for an amazing event!!🙏🏼✌🏼️


Daniel N Salon Owner

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best-and that's Masaki!


Gary P Salon Owner

When you stop learning is when part of you dies education keeps your skills alive and well. It's amazing what education does for your mind and your attitude and of course meeting wonderful people with great talent.


Elise P

Salon Owner

The best classes I ever had learned so many and meet a great group of passionated hairdesigners whit a lot of respect for eachother ! I feel VERY blessed be a part of this fantastic event in Beverly Hills thanks Masaki Inoue for sharing your knowledge


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