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Hosting Education Event

Hi everyone! My name is Taka, I manage Masaki Art of Hair promotion and media work.

We would like to have the best result for every single event.

Here is the guideline for hosting the event.

Before the event

1, Collect all attendees email address, phone number, and salon info.

Reason: You can contact them back for another education event or any other information.

Tips: Use tablet with email address collecting app. When attendees comes in, let them punch in their email address. (Hand writing can be hard to read sometimes)

2, Follow each other on social media.

: Follow each other on social media (Instagram, facebook). Expand your network.

During the event

1, Film education scenes.

How: Use smart phone with tripod (To prevent shaky footage)

Tips: Focus on shooting Educator and Attendees in a single photo together.

* shoot short 5-10 second segments instead take one long video.

   If 20 attendees, Try to shoot each one of them at least a little.

After The events

1, Let's get feedback video!

How: Pick a couple of attendees (Volunteers) to talk on camera about their experience of the event.

Tips: Please use camera (or a smart phone with a good camera) and tripod.

                Shoot everyone in the same angle for consistency *Idea photo below

As you see, Person(subject) is on the right side(not centered) because

we will edit in captions and info about hair stylist afterwards.

Keep the same angle for each attendees so the video will look uniform after editing.

1-1, Feedback questions

Examples of questions to ask attendees so they don't have to come up with any lines to say on the spot.

  1. "What's your name and how many times have you attended Masaki's education event?"

  2. "How did you like this event? What did you find the most informative or useful?"

  3. "Would you recommend this event to another Hair stylist? and why?"

2, Take picture with all attendees (Group Photo)

For good memories!!


Tip, Always shoot videos using Landscape (horizontal) orientation not portrait (vertical)

Videos on the internet are wide rectangular shape.

Footage shot in portrait orientation will create black negative space when put into video editing software.

Using video shot vertically will result in a non-uniform and constricted look. It also makes it hard to crop afterwards since there is less space on the sides of the video.

(if you try to crop a vertically shot video into horizontal the subject will look stretched out...)

Landscape footage can be cropped to be portrait footage afterwards though.

ALWAYS shoot photo/video with Landscape way please!!

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